Thursday, 2 February 2017

#Loveuary Challenge


We are participating in  But I Smile Anyway Loveuary Challenge.  Pop over to her site and get the low down on love for the month of February or Loveuary!!  

Is love too strong a word to use for an inanimate object?  Before that decision was made the definition of love was discussed at nausea. Summary is love should invoke a rush of warmth for starters and are you willing to fight for this love? That discussion brought out yes I’d fight for the last piece of chocolate or good coffee, but in the end it was decided no. We might say we love coffee/chocolate and yes we might get a warm feeling when we are enjoying it, but fight for it?  Hmmm…….not in the way we would fight for a loved one or even a sense of justice.  

Are we too casual about tossing the word love around?  We quickly check a Thesaurus and came away with adore, fancy, like and appreciate for other words for love. Final decision was we appreciate good chocolate and coffee and might go as far as adore it when it is melting in our mouth, but we’ll save the love word for something more substantial.


  1. Ha ha! I think at certain times these inanimate objects definitely made you think you 'love' them... but as the need subsides you realise it was not quite that strong!!!

  2. Great post....I too sometimes use LOVE for inanimate objects but you are right I wouldn't fight for them like I would my family...Happy Almost Valentine's Day and enjoy your day.

  3. Excellent point! However, I don't want to risk hurting chocolate's feelings, so I will continue to profess my adoration (though yes, my family does rate higher - LOL). :)