Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The story of you can't be complacent

Deal, no deal sign
Conversation over coffee drifted into internet service or providers to be more exact. Here is the story of what you should not do (well not the first sentence).

Once upon a time you purchase an internet/cable/phone bundle for six months to a year which is a good deal.  After the time frame you pay the "regular" price. You see deals enticing new customers after your deal is completed and you call to see if you can get a new deal or even a slightly better price. Being the loyal customer you are. No, you have a great deal. Nothing for you. Oh.

So you go along with life and make the occasional call or drop into the store when in the mall, you know just to check to see if you can get your price down. Nope. You got a good deal. Then it happens, you receive a good deal in the mail from a competitor.  You head over and sign-up. You don't bother checking your current provider as for the past year deals have come and go and you just couldn't access them.  You are happy and saving money. Then they call. Yes, your old service provider "why are you leaving us?" WHAT! Now there is a deal - too late as new guy is here.

We realize you have all heard and lived this story. The big guys want us to be complacent - they count on it no profit on it! So have a good look on what you currently have. Can you get a better deal? What items i.e. cable? home phone? could you get rid of?  Don't be complacent - they don't care and won't do anything for you.  Only you can take care of you.  Our rant!

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