Thursday, 3 October 2019

Happy October

We thought we'd give a wrap up of our summer "to do" list.  For some of us it was a commitment to get a job done.  For others it was an item on a long list.  So yes linen closet was purged/clean and there were multiple beach days.  At the last minute the junk drawer was completed (we mean last minute as like last week).

Going through toys is still on the list along with start a wine journal, attend yoga classes and pick out pictures for 2020 calendar.  Positive was pictures on phone where sorted, deleted and sent.

Did you finish any or all of your summer to do list? Have you started a fall one?  We haven't!

Carry on!

Monday, 2 September 2019

Non-negotiable / rules we live by

We were discussing what is non-negotiable and that got us into rules we live by. Weather we realize it or just unconsciously do it.  What rules do we follow when we are making decisions and choices?  We have come up with a few.  Realize this does not apply to all of us but here are "our" non-negotiable.

  1. If I can't afford it I don't purchase it. I will not go into debt for a vacation or a high end product.
  2. I will not dump a friend if we have plans and something else comes up.
  3. If asked my opinion I will be honest even if it is not exactly what the person wants to hear.
  4. If you ask me how an outfit looks - I will tell you. Not flattering or WOW.
  5. To show up and be there for family and friends.
  6. Don't judge other people.  We have no idea what they are going through.
  7. Sleep on it before making a big decision
  8. Live and let live
  9. Be open to trying new things i.e. especially drinks
  10. Yes you can wear white after Labor Day!

Friday, 30 August 2019

Chalk Couture is here - excited !

One of us is very excited.  That would be me.  Chalk Couture has finally come to Canada.  Chalk Couture.  is a product which is easy and fun to use.  Basically chalk paint and stencils. It doesn’t get easier than that. 

You don’t need to purchase their products to use their chalk paint and inks.  I have seen people use IKEA pillows (see above), their own chalk boards, plastic, you name it they have Chalk Couture it. Stencils have a sticky side to adhere to the item and slap the paint on.  You can find YouTube videos for details instructions.

There is a variety of stencils for every occasion and season.  I’m excited to get my hands on it and try some products before the holidays.  Check it out.

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Making the most of summer

We are now into the second full month of summer.  Some of us how no idea where June and July went.  We were having, not coffee, the other evening and talking about where the days go. Yes we are at work, wishing our lives away for the weekend or summer vacation that comes and goes with a blink of an eye.  But besides that what do we have to show for the time we are here?  Since we are starting a new month we wanted to have concrete items to show that we did something. Not have another month of “I have no idea where the month went.”  “It just flew by”.

At this point out came the phones and lists were made.  We decided we would champion each other to complete at least one item on our lists for the month of August. So that when we met in September we could discuss what we did and have concrete items (take pictures).  We are checking in weekly to see what was happening and if help is needed.  Here are the items we are working on in August.
  1.   Purge/clean linen closet
  2.   Go through toys that are not played with or no longer age appropriate (goodwill)
  3.   Read a book (seriously this had to be put on the list) 
  4.   Get to the beach
  5.   Go through pictures on phone and delete, file or send to appropriate people
  6.   Have picture book made up of parents’ anniversary/life together 
  7.   Pick pictures out to make 2020 calendar (part of Christmas presents)
  8.   Start a wine journal
  9.   Get to at least two yoga classes
  10.   Clean junk drawer in kitchen

None of these projects are big but a few have been on lists for months and just not making it to top.  We picked projects that are doable in a month.  Wish us luck! Not that we need it.

Sunday, 30 June 2019

First Long Weekend of the Summer

Summer has official arrived.  July 1st is Canada Day.  A holiday which falls on a Monday so it can't get better than that.  School is out and now for the official first long weekend of summer.  People are heading to cottages and campgrounds.  Those staying in the cities are taking in Canada Day events.  Everyone has been praying for sunny weather.  Some of us will get it and other won't.  The weather is fickle like that.

Turning the calendar to July the realization hits that yeah summer is here. Weather cooperating or not. Summer vacations have been booked usually months in advance.  Day programs for the kids have been booked and everyone is bringing in a sweater to work for the air conditioning.

With two months of summer ahead of us how to make the most out of it? It you have already booked a cottage for a week or have one of your own that takes care of you. Just make sure you make the most out of it. Maybe day trips to places around you? Beach? Summer reading at the cottage? 

A few of us want to make sure we make the most out of the summer but creating Summer Lists.  A few ideas are heading to beach, a wine tour, summer reads, gardening, a girls' weekend away.  Even somewhere an hours drive is fine. Check out festivals like music, art and cultural in your area. 

Think about what you want to say in September when asked "what did you do this summer?" Make sure you have a few fun and interesting answers.  This is it people. Two months of it make the most of it and create memories. 

Friday, 31 May 2019

Weekend coffee share

The current discussion is summer vacations.  Most of us have to book our time off months in advance. One person almost a year – that has to do with replacements and making sure there is coverage. That said we all want to enjoy summer vacation – all hoping for our week or two off of good weather.  There is children’s camps to consider, soccer and hopefully squeezing in free time with family.

We discussed how to get the biggest bang out of our limited summer vacation of say one week.  One individual likes camping so they take a week to camp and she takes long weekends after that to take off to closer campgrounds.  Another person usually rents a cottage for a week.  There is also staying around home and taking in festivals and events in the area. Some family related. Some not. What about just staying home and letting the kids play in their neighborhood or day trips?  It often boils down to feeling left out or not getting enough. Will my kids not have a good summer if they are not on the road or at a camp for the whole period?  Will they be bored at home if not stimulated non-stop? Can they even entertain their selves at home for a stretch of time? The discussion went around and around. 

It came down to yes we want to enjoy summer and have memories to share. That could be camping, the cottage, or BBQ and games in the backyard.  What we did decided is that we don’t have to stimulate someone 24/7.  People have to learn to entertain ourselves.  That can involve biking the neighborhood or reading a book.  

What do you think? How would you spend a week off with family this summer? Or alone? Do you think the whole summer has to be full of activities or should there be free / downtime? Or alone time!!  OMG.

To summer and making the most out of it!

Friday, 24 May 2019

If you could have lunch with anyone who would it be?

If you could have lunch with one person who would it be?  We decided to tackle this and each write a post on our lunch date.

We were having drinks when this conversation came up. Looking for posts ideas and talking about how bad we have been posting.  Biggest thing was time and where it is going. No idea.

I would have brunch with Elsie and Emma from A beautiful mess.  I know this seems superficial but why not?  They have created my favorite blog - are women my own age and just seem to be doing it. At this time I want an upbeat, creative conversation.  Maybe if you ask me next month I'd pick someone else.

We've having brunch at Elsie home - which I love.  Take her home tours. We're talking about how they started. Where they get their ideas and energy.  I want to know how they overcame the fear of heading out on their own. We're discussing safety nets.  How they sustain their creative business and get affiliates. Where they see their selves in five years. Ten years?

Of course we are also talking about decor and I'm pleading for them to come to my place and decorate it.  Both their homes are bright and full.  Elsie has a glass collection I envy.  I find I get excited talking to creative people.  There is an energy about them and I always leave thinking about possibilities.  This is why I want to have brunch with them!! Oh Emma made brunch which was perfect.