Wednesday, 9 January 2019

If you got a tattoo what would you get?

Deep discussion here that might effect the world. If you were considering getting a tattoo what would you lean towards.

Would you consider getting a sleeve?

Image result for free images of tattoos 

The general consensus was no. None of us would consider going that far.  One of us would consider getting a smaller tattoo.  Likely spot shoulder. Something smaller and that meant something. This picture is larger than we would like but general idea of tattoo. 
Image result for free images of tattoos

One person does have a tattoo on their shoulder. It is the Celtic symbol for family.  Majority of us felt if we did get a tattoo we would lean more towards this type of design.

Image result for celtic symbols for family

 Do you have a tattoo? If so how did you go about choosing it?  We would love to know.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Happy New Year

Well, admitting you have a problem is half the battle.  So we admit the month of December got away from us. All of us. I/us mean really!  One of us should have been able to pull a blog post together. It didn't have to be detailed and 3000 words. It would have been about the lipstick we bought on Sunday. The one with the moisturizer in it that costs too much.

Or it could have been about what we ordered on-line for the holidays. Our favorite local businesses even. I mean we should be purchasing local. Plus Canada Post was having rotating strikes so that should have prompted more people to buy local.

But we didn't. Nope. Not one of us pulled it together to type one post in December. Nothing. We are not going to say we will do better this year because we want to be authentic and real with you. So no  promises.

What we would love is if you have a rant, comment, idea you'd like us to tackle drop us a line in the comment and we'll take it on. Again no promises you'll like what we have to say, but we promise to say something.

Bring on 2019.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Traditional or not? You decide.

We are having a discussion over Christmas trees. Well, not the tree per say, but how to decorate it.  We have a traditionalist that say multi-colored ornaments and family favorites. Or basically toss whatever on the tree.

Image result for traditional christmas tree decoration

Another one of us is into non traditional Christmas colors.  I don't use those colors in my home any other time of year why am I starting now! Hence..

Image result for themed christmas tree ideas

Last we have our think out side the box person. Have something light, airy it is all about expressing your individuality. 
Image result for white christmas tree decor

Needless to say there was no group consensus.  How do you decorate your tree?  We would love to hear from you!  Oh let us know if you have a favorite from the above. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Get your note taking devices out! NOW

It is almost mid-November and you know what that means?  It is time to get organised. Especially if you haven't started anything yet.  Here is a list to get you going.

  1. Check you Christmas cards from last year.  If you need more cards purchase them now.
  2. Look at who you want to send snail mail cards to - purchase stamps before the post offices  become crazy with parcels being mailed.
  3. If you have parcels to mail - well you should have been on that before now. Sorry to say. So why not order on-line and have item sent directly to individual.  Just a thought.
  4. Get your calendar out and consider having friends over early December before everyone's calendar are full with family, concerts and panic mode shopping.
  5. If you haven't already go through your gloves, mitts and scarfs. Ratty ones toss out. If you have too many consider donating or maybe putting an extra pair in your coat pocket to pass out to the homeless.
  6. Over flowing with winter jackets? Also consider donating.
  7. While we are on the topic of giving - what about considering charity options for the people with everything.  Maybe buy a chicken in their name?
  8. If you know anyone who might be alone for the Holidays or doesn't like Christmas. Make time to get together with them before your own Holidays get too booked up.
  9. Check those recipes you make yearly or new ones and make note of what ingredients you need. Start picking them on with your weekly groceries.
  10. Maybe consider having a cookie exchange with friends. That way everyone gets a variety of goodies.
  11. Do something fun with friends and family. Some charities have gift wrapping stations at the mall. Also consider the food bank.
  12. If you like to do crafts for the holidays, check your Pinterest boards or start looking now. Time is ticking on gluing, cutting, stamping, painting and more!
These are just a few things to get on to make your Holidays easier. If you have something we missed please add it in the comments.  Happy Holidays.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Not yet! Seriously.....

We were talking the other day that it seems like every year they put holiday items out earlier and earlier.  This year one large store had snowsuits out in August.  Hmm..... a little premature. 

Halloween and Christmas are now out at the same time! I mean really it is October.  No scratch that it started in September. Can we not celebrate Halloween first.  Remembrance Day next (still no Christmas items out yet) and then WHAM be all done up on November 15th if that is your preference.

What is the rush? Money and profit. There it is out there. That is the rush. Get people spending sooner and longer - cash some can't afford and the majority of on items we don't need or want.

What do you think of Christmas items or any items out months before the actual holiday or event?

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Getting ready for autumn

WHAT happened to summer?  We didn't get enough beach time in, sitting on outside patios or time at the cottage. It rolled, no raced, into September. The summer fun list does not have enough boxes ticked. If you still have summer weather get out there and make the most of it. If you are ready for autumn (seriously?) here are a few things to start on:

  • Pumpkins and gourds are out so if you like to decorate with these colorful items now is the time to pick them up.
  • Check your candles and essential oils - do you have your fall scents ready? If not start picking them up. 
  • If you didn't take your winter coats and jackets to the cleaners in the spring, get off your butt and take them in now (before you need them).
  • We hate to actually type these words out but....... if you have an extensive Christmas buying list now is the time to start picking items up. We only have X many pay cheques before the big day.
  • Check your fall/winter makeup - check expiry dates and see if you need to pick up any trending lipstick colors!
  • September is usually the month when classes and courses start back up. Check your libraries, university and community centers for what is going on. 
Let us know what you are up to this autumn and anything we should be putting on out "to do" lists.

Friday, 31 August 2018

What happened here ! !

Okay, take a breath. Another one.  It is the last day in August.  WHAT HAPPENED??  It was just June. We were just thinking about the new trends and colors for summer. Those cute sandals with the straps wrapping up the ankle. Getting the most out of our sun dresses, sipping cocktails on outdoor patios, trips to the beach. So much to do and all summer to do it.

Well, again what happened? July rolled in and out before we knew it. A few of us took vacation and squeezed in some cottage time.  Yes we sat at out door patios and enjoyed ourselves but it wasn't enough. The calendar flipped to August. Okay one full month left. Lots of time to squeeze in summer. Again a few vacations and beach days but never enough. The days rolled into week and now we are looking at the last day of the month.

Did you make the most of summer? Is your summer to do list all crossed off? Or are you a fall person and just wanted to get through it for cooler weather?  Let us know.  Also let us know if there are any topics you'd like us to discuss or maybe do a rant on.  After all it is almost fall.