Friday, 4 November 2022

That time of year !!!

Okay this post is not from all of us! Some of us are not happy about the turning of the calendar and the coming season.  A few of us, well me in particular, are excited. I was excited to pull out my fall wreath. To get out my blackets and pillows. To pull out my sweaters and pants.

I like the cooler temperature. I have more energy and am excited about the possibilities of the season. The warmer colour palette. Love decorating for the fall and the upcoming season (won't mention it here as a bit too early). I'm off to look for a new sweater dress and boots. Did I mention I also like fall/winter clothes the best!!

So to embracing whatever season you are currently in. Enjoy it isn't going anywhere soon.


Friday, 14 October 2022

Halloween or Fall Decor ??

 We are having a debate over here with pumpkin spice latte as it is that time of year!  That said how do you feel about fall and/or Halloween décor?  When can you start decorating for the season? What can be included and what should be off the table! Here goes! We know this could be controversial. 

First pumpkins definitely fall into the fall (autumn) category. They are NOT just for carving at Halloween. One of us has a beautiful collection of glass pumpkins. They deserve to be displayed and yeah don't feel they are Halloween décor. So if you decorate for the season the consensus here is early September is when the fall décor should come out. That gives us at least two months to enjoy our treasures. Our pumpkins, wreathes, fall pillows, blankets and fall candles. 

Closer to Halloween you can add fun stuff like bats and/or Halloween décor. Say around October 20th.  Fall and/or Halloween décor rolls into November which we all know what comes after that. We are not talking about what comes after that right now. Just not ready for that. Back to fall.

Some people LOVE Halloween and want to decorate as soon as possible. Say October 1st - if that is your bag go for it. We just felt September was a tad too early for the bats to appear. But pumpkins! Put them out.

So what is your take on fall and/or Halloween décor? When is too early? Late? Mix it up? Let us know. This is all in fun.  The main thing is you do you and love your home at every season.

Wednesday, 5 October 2022

Instagram account we're crushing on

 This was a fun post to do as we all enjoy Instagram.  We each picked out a few account we enjoy so here they are:

Inspired by charm decor, recipes all lovely.  Check out his blog also

Creative flatlays  check it out. Is what it says "flatlays"

Guide to a magic life  yoga instructor and artist showing us what life can be

Best cities of Europe enough said

A beautifulmess  decor, food also one of our favorite blogs

Grillo designs  DIY and decor

Nairuhime soft flowers.  Hard to describe. Worth checking out.

Monday, 26 September 2022

How is it fall already?

 Okay it is not only fall but also the end of September. How did this happen? It seemed like last week??? We were complaining about the humidity.  That hot and humid was the new summer normal and not all of us were a fan.  Then........wham we flipped the calendar.

Since the first three weeks in September are technically summer, yes we know a lot of people consider September a fall month, (all month) but no. The humidity seemed to break with warm sunny days. Walks were lovely. You didn't mind being out in the afternoon as clothes not plastered to you. Life was good.

We guess the problem is the month flew by. It started great and now over. Not even sure what to say about the weeks in between. What did we do? All of us struggled to come up with a few concrete things. Yes first play of the new theatre season. Check that box. No fall crafts happening. Books club not this month as when talking in the summer thought September might be too busy. 

So what exactly did we do for the month? Seriously? It is a reminder to stop and live in the moment. As apparently we didn't do that in September if we can't think of anything major that happened. Maybe nothing did and that is okay. It is just the month is over and a few of us feel we have nothing to show for it. Not even a fall craft! Look at this!

Next month we are stopping and saying this is what I am doing right now. We are making plans to meet for supper. There is the theatre, Farmer's market. We have plans. Boxes to check. Life is happening with or without us. 

Happy official fall!

Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Crushing on at IKEA

 What we are currently crushing on at IKEA.

cabinet / bookcase - lots of options here. Hidden storage and open. It has a bulletin board!!

Storage bed - pretty. Plus storage as in pull out drawers. Crushing as currently trying to find ways to create more floor. So maybe get rid of dresser?

Pretty rug - can see this in many rooms.  That appeals to me as rugs should be versatile. Not just for one room.

Occasional chair or more - love look of this chair.  The wood and openness of it. 

Round table - this has been a crush for a long time. There is just something (for me) about a white round table. Pretty, clean I can't explain it more than that only still crushing after years.

This is a sample of our current crushes.  What do you think? Any you are crushing on?

Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Starting our fall to do list

 A few of us love to sit and make a list.  It feels satisficing to cross something off a list.  A list gives focus. Something to work around and on.  We have started our fall list of things we want to check out and do. It might seem early but having the list before September seems like we have things under control. We might not but can think that with list in hand!

So below are some of our items we have started putting on our fall list.  We will be adding it to for sure as time goes on. 

  •  After a hot summer and vacations we are ready to get back to book club.  We have a few books on the list already.  Our plan is to have a book a month already set for September - December. Four books.
  • Tossing or donating summer clothes that we are so through with.  Or are falling apart.
  • Picking a fun fall craft to do for girls night.
  • Getting those last few patio dates in - even if the heaters are on.
  • Paint spare bedroom/office.  When not humid.
  • Clean out linen closet
  • Fall hikes in - best weather for hikes!!
  • Go through pictures on phone.  Delete. Print. Undecided.
  • Book massage
  • Back to theater season
Let us know what is on your fall to do list!
Plus book recommendations always welcomed

Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Where is summer going?

 We are been around just not on the blog.  Flipping the calendar, so to speak, over to a new month was a bit of a shock.  How can it be August? How can it be the August long weekend?  Wasn't it just July 1st?  Summer seems to be flying by - hence the year really.

Gardens are in.  Cottages booked or have been.  Beaches yes have been to a few.  Between us all we have covered we think the basics.  Humid days saps the energy but if off there is always someone cool to go. 

Summer seems to be July and August. Once school is out (end of June) and before heading back in September. It often seems like a lot to squeeze into two months.  I mean winter is what November to April. So seems like it. 

So with summer being half over by this standard what should we do? Or do we have to do anything? I mean really why not let the rest of summer unfold.  We have a month - hopefully some vacation time left. Do we have to book every day of it? Could we take time to do nothing? Be spontaneous?  To actually relax! Not be full throttle to squeeze every minute of something into our day?

Could the rest of summer be relaxing. Go to the beach when we want? Stay home and read? Go for a walk early morning or late evening. Thinking humidity here. Just be and not book anything. To actually feel rested when September hits!  Could this be part of our last month of summer?