Thursday, 22 June 2017

Pet Peeves

Well, there is nothing "pet" about them.  Over something a little stronger than coffee we ended up discussing pet peeves.  It started over discussing bike lanes or lack of.  A major pet peeve we all agreed on were bikes jumping the curb when the road was no longer convenient and driving on the sidewalk.  Total unacceptable. Yes there are often no bike lanes and cars and bikes have to co-exist as vehicles on the road.  Bicyclists - you wanted to be consider a vehicle - well stay off the side unless you get off your bike and walk it.

This of course lead to other peeves.  At meetings or gatherings when a question is asked and answered only to have someone else ask the same question 5 minutes later.  Is it so that they can get their name in the minutes?  Asked and answered should be the response to the second time.

A scent free environment means.......scent free.  If you love your scented products fine but be aware hospitals and other community buildings as usually scent free. Be part of the community not the problem.

Get your arse up when a senior, physically challenged or pregnant woman gets on public transit and move. Having your head down, earphones in and texting away "didn't see them" is not an excuse. Another point is if you are not a senior, physically challenged or pregnant DO NOT sit in those seats. Lazy is our polite word for you.

Staying on your surroundings as a peeve.  At the bottom of the escalator is not the place to try and figure out where to go next.  The individuals trying to back up, jump or not plow into you as the escalator carries them to the end would appreciate you knowing the world doesn't revolve around you.

We decided we had to end this discussion here as a few of us were starting to see red.  We would love to know your pet peeves.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Are long weekends enough?

Beach summer umbrella

For the majority of us the first of June means the start of summer.  Some of us had to have our vacation requests in months ago, others are more flexible.  Over coffee we were discussing summer vacations and what constitutes a break.  Here is the take.

Two weeks away from work.  It takes me almost the first week to unwind and start enjoying myself.  Plus if you are travelling any distance anything less than two weeks is a waste of time and money.  Okay we agree if you are travelling, say to another continuent, two weeks at least for vacation seems reasonable.

If I am not going away I usually only take a week as don't want to waste it. I like to save a week in case I go down south in the winter.  I find a week is a good break and if I'm home I feel rested when I come back.

Long weekends in the summer.  Take a Friday when you have a holiday Monday.  That way you are only working four days weeks for the summer.   Hmm....we all like a long weekend but are we really getting a long enough break to re-energize?  No, need more than four days off majority thought.  Take a week and rent a cottage.  Do some of us look like "cottage" people.  That is another post what "cottage" people look like.  Since I'm typing I say tanned and healthy.

Let us know what you think constituents a summer break - enough time to recharge.  May the hot lazy days of summer begin!


Sunday, 28 May 2017

Weekend Coffee Share!!

Weekend Coffee Share | Nerd in the Brain (4)

We have gotten out of sync with posting.  One of us whose main habit is reading blogs, pinning pins and crafting found #weekendcoffeeshare over at Nerd in the brain.  Coffee! Well no brainer.  We love coffee and sharing so here it does #weekendcoffeeshare.

Life is currently busy with transitioning over from winter to summer clothes.  Always a bit of purging taking place with what NOT to put away for next winter and also why am I keeping THIS for this season.  Bag on floor for goodwill.  One of us found a full slip and thought what the #&*( ! She doesn't think she ever worn it - into the bag.

All the gardening centers are now up and running so talk is where to get deals on certain plants.  We have some balcony dwellers here so that entails looking at how much sun the plants need.  Also is it cheaper to buy all the plants separate and do our own pot or buy a pot already made up? Remember to check your Farmer's Markets for plants not just the large department stores with the plants section set up in the parking lot - you know the ones.

We are looking at summer reads so let us know any recommendations.  You know that book to take to the beach or cottage. Nothing too heavy.  So thanks Nerd in the brain for weekend share!!

Friday, 21 April 2017

Facebook etiquette? Is it needed?

A few of us have many “friends” on Facebook and some of those friends post a lot; to the point that if you are not checking your Facebook at least once an hour you are missing posts.  You don’t want to unfriend these people but what is the etiquette on posting?  Do you really have to post you are at the cinema or the mall?  Do I need to see a picture of your frolicking on the beach on numerous occasions?  How many fabulous meals can you have in one day?

This conversation came about because someone posted an event on Facebook and a few of us missed it.  Okay, one of us doesn’t check their Facebook daily even but still.  This was an interesting event that ended up way down the page because of well, posts about celebrities’ look-a-likes, selfies, pictures of meals and what you scored on a quiz about Star Wars.  So what do you think about establishing Facebook etiquette?  Should we have a maximum amount of posts per day per person? Should we be setting up separate pages for Facebook addict posters? Or just a page for events only?  

We decided if the event or information was that important or time sensitive to email it not just post on Facebook.  But seriously think before you press that publish button. Not everyone is interested in you flooding their feed. 

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

What unites us in Spring ! !

We all agreed (surprise) that certain seasons are pretty well locked in.  Summer is warm, beach weather and gardening.  We are using are BBQ s in full-force, sitting on outside patios and taking the world in. Life is good. Autumn rolls around and some of us are ready for it if the humidity was bad in the summer. Plus in certain areas it is beautiful with the leaves changing colours. We are enjoying our warm days, cooler nights for sleeping.  Winter is cold and snowy.  Christmas holidays happen so everyone is full on in high speed preparing for that.  January through March can be long and often harsh with snow and freezing rain. That is winter. Then it happens for some of us and not for others but the calendar says SPRING.  

Some places note the tulips peeping through the earth.  The earth is softening and temperature inching into the double digits. Others are still in their winter coats and thinking “when is the snow finally going to be gone?” Spring is the one season we agreed that is not locked in.  It can be a few months for some and maybe three days for others. Seriously, if you live there you know what I mean.  So mulling this while we enjoy our coffee (during any season) we think what unites us all in spring.  Rubber boots. That is it.  No matter where we are or how short spring is rubber boots unite us. 

So to rubber boots in all shapes, colours, patterns and sizes.  They are our spring fashion statement.  Get out there and rock those rubber boots this spring no matter where you are!

Monday, 27 March 2017

Are you upright? Posture a good thing.

We all agree that we struggle with posture. Research is saying with Smartphones and other devices people's posture is getting worse as our necks are down and shoulders hunched accessing our devices. Even just sitting a few of us always cross our legs. We complain about being stiff but don't do anything about it but the occasional head to the side.

If you have every taken yoga when the instructor says lower your shoulders you are like oh I didn't realize they were up.  And they are up all the time! Bring them up to your ears right now, drop them and push them back. Do it as you read this and see where they land. Not where they started.

We are challenging ourselves to be more aware of our posture.  Maybe when you walk through a door you lower your shoulders and slightly push them back. Also suck in your stomach. Find a short routine in the morning to do some stretches. There are two links for you to check out. If we get into a routine now we will be flexible as we age and who doesn't want that!

5 stretches you should do every am

Morning stretches from Pop Sugar Fitness

Monday, 20 March 2017

Your horoscope - or not......

We managed to pull together a coffee date (read liquid date) over the weekend. There was some catch up. Nothing earth shattering as no one is planning any big events in the next few months. Not even a vacation.

We got to talking about horoscopes. The day before had been "right on" for one of us. That brought the discussion around to did you read it before the day started or after? If before did you maybe subconsciously make stuff happen or see things in a different light due to what you read? We all know hindsight is a wonderful thing and at times NOT helpful if you telling someone what they should have done in a situation you were not involved in at the time and feeling superior. Hmmmm. bit of a personal rant there. Sorry.

So we decided to write out our own horoscopes for the next week. The first one is for birthdays with an even number. The second horoscope is for birthdays that fall on odd numbered days. So here it goes. Feel free to interchange if you want!!

Even number birthdays - your week will be full off potentially exciting events. Just keep an open mind and don't say no automatically. Treat yourself to that magazine you have been eyeing as it will give you a burst of inspiration. This is the week for you to dress up your dining room table with a new or old runner. Be creative and don't go for the obvious. Burlap can be your friend.

Odd number birthdays - your week is about reflection. If you don't know anything about mindfulness. Google it. This is the week for you to slow down and just sit with yourself. Something special could happen. Treat yourself to a latte at that funky coffee shop you have been walking by. Realize you don't have to do it all and be all to all people.