Thursday, 26 March 2020

Some of us are struggling with so much time at home.  How do we entertain our children? Partner? Ourselves?  Some of us are working from home and trying to maintain a routine.  Here are suggestions. Stay safe everyone. We are all in this together.

1.      If working from home DON’T stay in your pjs.  Make an effort to shower and get dressed. Make sure you are drinking water and staying hydrated. Take a lunch break – which means leaving your laptop and moving.  If you can squeeze time head outside for a walk to break your day. Seriously you will be fresher and more productive because of this.

2.      Purge and organize.  Start your spring cleaning.

3.      Children – get them writing grandparents, aunts, uncle and/or favorite people letters and drawings. 

4.      Plant some seeds and start your gardening now.  Get the kids involved with the planting and what they want to grow.

5.      Do a puzzle the larger the better!

6.      All those pictures you have been taking – head on-line to Walmart or Costo or wherever and do a hardcover book.  Maybe of a trip? The year in the life of.

7.      Free on-line classes – come on they are out there

8.      Call a friend.  Call a parent. Call a grandparent. Call period.

Saturday, 7 March 2020

International Woman's Day

On March 8th, 2020 we celebrate International Woman's Day.  Or I hope we celebrate it as women are incredible and not recognized enough.  That it is 2020 and we are still fighting for women's rights in parts of the world blows my mind.

That caregivers, mothers, people that put their children first are often putting themselves and society helps last.  That we still don't recognize the virtues that women have to offer and that they are often discounted as less than "male virtues".

That when women stand up for themselves and others they are often treated as aggressive not assertive, even by other women. I have found that women are often the worse critics of other women! Please there is enough for all of us out there. Don't begrudge anyone making it happen.

So for International Woman's Day my hope is for support, encouragement, compassion and empathy. That not only do women stand with and for other women, we stand up for everyone that needs us and needs a voice.

Saturday, 8 February 2020

Valentine's Day Ideas

I realize Valentine's Day isn't for everyone and if you are single it can be hard.  If you don't embrace being single and it hasn't been your choice.  That said here are a few things to do for Valentine's Day regardless of relationship status.

  • Chocolate or treats.  Single, couple, whatever - don't wait for anyone to buy you sweets. Get them yourself.  Even a bottle of wine after all the special day falls on a Friday.
  • Makes plans ahead of time to go out after work for drinks. If people unavailable maybe go out Thursday night.
  • Purchase funny Valentine Day cards for friends and co-workers. Remember when we were kids and gave them out at school? Do it as an adult - most people will get a kick out of it.
  • Have a "friend" valentine evening. If you know few singles go out to dinner or have a potluck. Watch a movie and munch out.
  • It is one day. If you find it hard take a deep breath and remember it is one day.  Have a bubble bath. Watch a favorite movie, start a new Netflix series or read a book. No plans - this is not a reflective on you.  It is a money making day for businesses. 

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Making the most of winter

The holidays are over and we are almost through the first month of the new year.  People are now ready for spring.  At least once a day I hear I can't wait for April to get here.  I'm like WHAT you are willing to wish three or four months of your life away!  Yep. Easily.

For for me is nesting. I read more, clean more and enjoy my home more.  If you are struggling with the colder and shorter days get out whenever you can.  Take a walk at lunch time even around the block. Seriously if you are dressed for it, it usually isn't that cold.  I realize it can be THAT cold but use common sense.

People who ski, skate, curl or do a winter activity seem to have it together. They are enjoying the season and making the most out of it. There are often beginners courses in skating, curling and others. Why not try one? If you don't like it. Don't pursue it, but it would be something different and you never know.

If this isn't appealing treat the colder months as time to nest at home.  To do a good purge, to reflect on what direction you want to head. Take an on-line course? Journal? Read?  Just don't wish your life away it is going quickly enough!

Thursday, 16 January 2020

New Year New Decade New Deal

Unbelievable.  We started this blog the fall of 2016 and we have rolled into 2020!  It started as a joke. Something we could do together. Share experiences and ideas.  It turned out to be harder then we thought.  It involved more of a commitment than we anticipated.

We never expected to take the blog viral. It has been fun coming up with blog posts. If you have cruised through you will realize we don't come up with many. We've had some months where we haven't posted anything. No excuses just life in general.  Also we have not wanted to post without submitting it to the group. Which can be hard with family, work, exercise, crafts and oh life in general like laundry. 

So new year and new decade. We are still getting together for coffee and wine as that is what we do.  The difference will be a few individual blog posts. We won't be waiting until agreement to post. A few of us have enjoyed writing on the blog and want to continue, so be prepared for more one off posts.  Yeah, coffee cluster will still offer their opinion and rants as we get together monthly.     

So to a new decade. We hope everyone is excited about filling this decade with adventure.

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

No resolutions. Nope not this year

Happy New Year.  Can you believe it is not just a new year, but a new decade!  We decided this decade to start it off right.  With no resolutions.  Nope nothing.  We are not dieting, going to the gym, learning a new language or how to knit. Nothing. 

This year we will set small achievable goals. To be kinder with ourselves. To do our  best on any given day. To celebrate our wins - which could be getting to the gym that day. Drinking more water than usually that day.  Limiting our social media that day. 

We will not beat ourselves up over what we didn`t do. For one thing we will be busy celebrating our wins of what we did that day.

 So to a new year and decade of celebrating what we achieve not what we don`t,