Friday, 24 July 2020

Summer cocktails


We thought we'd bring together in one spot a few summer cocktail ideas.  If you have a favorite please share!!

A beautiful mess  has a whole post on cocktails! Check it out.

Another inspiring blogger Inspired by Charm showcases his summer cocktails.

Have you tried cantaloupe and ginger cocktail? Visit Style at Home.

Apartment Therapy  shows us 13 easy to mix cocktails that could become our signature one!

Hope you found something you'd like to try this summer to sit and enjoy on the patio.  We deserve it.

Friday, 17 July 2020

Summer talks on well everything!!!

With lifting of restrictions we have finally had a few chances of getting together.  Loving it.  We know we were and are fortunate to have access to Skype and other social media platforms to get together, share and make sure we are connecting.  But seriously face-to-face can't be beat.

Our latest discussion resolved around summer trends from clothes to make-up to decor.  With being home for extended length of time home became a focal point.  Reading articles on what COVID-19 has told us, home design wise, we are in agreement (majority of us). Open concept is great but we need more define areas if we are working and living at home for longer periods of time. Maybe not go back to a formal dining room but an alcove or working in a desk in the kitchen or living room.

Outdoor space was also highlighted and much needed.  Part of our self-isolation was still winter but still we need natural light.  Consider adding plants to your home if you are not a plant person. Nothing major but we found having something green to look at during the winter or anytime is nice.

Introverts know they need their own space. So consider reworking your bedroom. If you don't have a large home with living room and family room - everyone needs a place to escape. Rework your (kids) bedroom. What do they really need in there?  If you moved furniture around, did a good purging of old toys, clothes, even furniture could you make space for a small chair for reading? A space for yoga? One of us has a chair and table in the corner of their bedroom and it was much used during pandemic.  A place to curl up with coffee in the mornings. Reading in the evening. Just a space to get away.  Another person moved a bed from the centre of the room to a wall and free up floor space.  Think outside the box. Who uses the room?  How do you want it to function?

Since the stores have opened up we have been shopping for home decor items. Pillows and/or pillow covers.  Pretty summer dishes.  Small rugs for splashes of color.  It has been fun to add new items to our decor.  You don't have to spend big money.  IKEA and other places have pillows forms. Buy a few and then purchase pillow covers for different seasons.  Easy way to switch up your decor. Plus pillow cases are easy to store if they all fit the same pillow form! Win / Win.

Clothes and make-up wise we have been purchasing just fun clothes. Nothing expensive and if they last this summer great. Not an investment. It is about making the most of time and money. This is summer people for some of us it will only last a few months so get out there and enjoy.

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Celebrating with the new normal

Canada Day July 1st.   Different places have different celebrations.  They can include parades, breakfast, activities for the kids, concerts and of course fireworks.  This year, well not so much.  People offered virtual concerts and fireworks but not the same feeling.

We miss being with a crowd, Excited and gathering energy from each other.  Sharing an exciting event together. Taking to strangers.  We are trying to adjust to the new normal and in cases embrase it. Working from home making better flex hours of our days. Less travel so less gas emissions.  Connecting more with families and friends away via Zoom, Houseparty and Skype.  All good.

But yesterday so lacked celebration. A few of us discussed it and felt off all day.  We know the reasons behind decisions and support them. It is just maybe we as a family/friends have to get more creative at home.  BBQ? Breakfast? Flags? Activities for the kids.  Yeah we can do this as summer is here.  Take a special day and blow it out of the water. Yes it might take more planning but start early and pick up a few fun things for kids and adults.

If this is the new normal for the forseeable future we have to work with it not against it.

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Get out and shop!

If you are reading this June 2020 you know we are in a global pandemic. Some of us are coming through the first wave and things are slowly opening up.  A few weeks ago restaurants here opened up 50% capacity.  Physical distancing in place.  Summer so patios are open which helps with more seating availability.

So many small businesses had to close for almost three months. That is a quarter of the year! Yes to government help but they need more than that. Some of these businesses support schools and local fundraisers now it is payback time.

We have been purchasing groceries and liquor through all this. Liquor sales are up over 20% here! So they are okay - likely more than okay.  We need to head out to small local shops and buy. It doesn't have to be a large purchase and don't buy stuff you don't need. Local shops often sell local products, like candles and soap.

Search local shops in your area. Make a point to visit, purchase and snap a shot when you are there and post. We are part of a community and being part mean supporting. I am purchasing at a minmum one local item a month at a local shop. This does not include coffee shops but retail shops.

Buy local. Support local. Be part of the community and know you can make a difference.

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Escape capsule challenge

Over at you can always start now she is having creative leaps. This month it was what would you take if you had 12 hours to pack and leave your home.  Interesting.  We decided to take up the challenge so below are what would be in our capsule. 

Family pictures
Cozy blanket
Eye mask (for sleeping)
Phone & accessories
Clothes of course - comfortable and layers as not sure where we are going!
Water bottle (reusable) 
Bowl and spoon (this is from backpacker)
Sunscreen, soap, skin care
Can opener
Granola bar, beans - few items you can eat without cooking

what would be on your list?

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Common sense - where is it?

Watching the news over COVID-19 and seeing panic.  Yes totally get it. People are dying and no cure or vaccine yet. What I don't get is people losing their common sense.  Stocking up on items for the year and wiping out items like hand sanitizers.  How many do you really need? Do you realize that by purchasing ALL of them off the shelf the next person has nothing? Seriously all those little plastic bottles in your home? Now the person you run into hasn't disinfected their hands because they had nothing to use, because they are all at your house. Common sense? Nope.

Masks! Don't get me started. Let's pay attention to how often we touch our face. A lot. Studies show when you wear a mask you touch your face more often because you are adjusting the mask. Feeling if it is still okay. You hand automatically goes up there. Hence you are touching your face more and what about taking it off incorrectly?  Hmmm..... infected yourself. Well done.  Leave the masks at the hospitals where they belong.

Yes wash your hands. Which you should have been doing BEFORE this. Get a flu shot. Can you imagine if social media reported on people dying who didn't get their flu shot like they are reporting on COVID-19!  Something to think about.

Last Facebook isn't the World Health Organization (WHO). So go to their site not your friends or any post that doesn't come from CDC, your own health department or WHO.  The rest of it is scare tactics to increase someone circulation.  Common sense.  Get your news at reputable sites.

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Being on a team is a feeling

Recently we were having a discussion about being on a team.  That it is more than "Team A" or "Team B".  Mouthing or introducing X is on our team.  She/he glues us together is meaningless if you don't proceed to make that person feel part of a team.

Being on a team is a feeling. That you are part of something bigger.  If you proceed to say Sheila is alone this week even if X will be there also, than is X really part of this "team"?  I have heard individuals say oh I meant one of us isn't here.  That means Sheila is the only one on her team here as X doesn't factor into it.  Period. If you don't include X in conversations, as part of a body being present, than don't mouth they are part of your team to outsiders.  What they are is support people. Which is fine but say it like it is.

There is nothing wrong with support people - we need them. They do their job and yeah can be part of the glue to hold a "team" together.  But they are not part of the team is they don't feel it. If they are excluded from writing their names on cards, don't know who is off that day or covering.  Don't be a hypocrite and tell outsiders X is on your team. That says to X is that you want to look inclusive when you're not. That is is all about you looking like a "team player".  Say it like it is X is our support person we couldn't do without.

Being on a team is a feeling.  Don't mouth it and think it makes it so. Don't make introductions that are not true and belittle an individual. Say it like it is. If you can't make someone feel like they are on the team. Fine. But don't "mouth" it to others to look better than you are.

My rant.