Wednesday, 15 November 2017

How many Mondays before.........

Unless you live under a rock it is that time of year when you have "friends" sharing X many Mondays before Christmas, X many pay cheques before Christmas and/or X many weekends before Christmas. We are sure these people with their Xs are individuals who started their Christmas shopping and preparing in July.  The rest of us are in denial or we don't have time to X anything unless it is crossing something off the growing holiday list.  Or worst yet we haven't started the list.

So please be gentle with your sharing of Xs. Not all of us appreciated the remember.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Halloween and Christmas! Maybe we should rethink this.....

Coffee conversation centred around when do you think it is the appropriate time to put Christmas items out for sale.  In some stores, in our area, they were out the same time the Halloween items were being sold.  Hmm…. That doesn’t even take us into November.  

One individual felt Christmas items shouldn’t be displayed until after Remembrance Day (November 11).  It was acknowledged that there are only so many pay cheques before Christmas but really if you are that concerned start picking up items in July. Can you really not focus on one event at a time? Not dilute it with the next big thing? 

It was anonymous that October was too early to be putting Christmas out there at the shops.  Also why not wait until November 12th and then make a big splash that says Christmas/Holidays are now approaching! Enjoy!

Monday, 2 October 2017

Okay, we have now officially rolled into Autumn.  Summer clothes are being packed away with regret and "oh I didn't wear this enough or at all".  The coffee (well not really....) discussion was starting to take a downward turn over the cooler temperatures, regrets over not getting to the beach and I didn't squeeze enough summer in to begin with.

To turn this around we decided to talk about what we are looking forward to this season.  It was an unambitious decision we were all looking forward to getting our boots (NO NOT WINTER BOOTS) out or purchasing new ones.

To go along with our boots we will be tackling our sweaters.  You know some might have gotten worn around essential areas during the summer so you will need new ones. Look closely for wear and tear. You see it. New sweater needed.

One of best things about Autumn is trying out the new Autumn shades of lipstick. We are so done with light and neutral shades for summer.  It is now deep, dark and bold lipstick.  Own it.

So we actually ended our get together on a more positive note.  Let us know what you are looking forward to this season. Or better yet, good deals on sweaters, boots and of course your favourite Autumn shade of lipstick.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Weekend coffee share - summer over !!

If we were having coffee I would be ranting that I was NOT, absolutely NOT, ready for summer to be ending.  I have sleeveless tops I have not made the most of, cute short skirts I have hardly worn and well, shoes I am still enjoying. My nails are still looking reasonable good and I do NOT want to have to encase when in shoes. I am not ready for summer to be ending.

Yes, I have sweaters and boots I enjoy, but not yet.  I want another month of summer to truly feel I have made the most out of my summer outfits.  That being said - I always feel I have made the most out of my winter clothes. I am usually tired of them before the end of winter, which seems never ending.

So please give me few more weeks of summer weather. I will wear the sweater to work in the cooler mornings, but let it be hot and sunny by 9 am and I swear I'll not complain this year about winter. I will actually embrace my cords and bulky sweaters. I swear.

Saturday, 16 September 2017 is subjective

We are trying to get back into the swing of things after summer so off we headed to an art opening.  After grabbing a glass of wine we did the walk around.  The gallery itself has cement floors, white walls and an outdoor patio. Nice.  This is a post where we (who attended) all agree. It doesn't happen often but it did at the gallery.  None of us would purchase or hang the paintings we saw. So yes art is extremely subjective. Considering some of the pieces were over $4000.00.

This goes back to purchasing what you love - regardless of whether anyone else likes it or will appreciate it.  If a piece of art works - be it a card, print, tile or original resonates with you that is the deciding factor.  Price, artist, being shown in a gallery does not matter if the piece doesn't speak to you.  So yeah art is subjective and we are okay with that.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Summer - set dates now and make plans

Free stock photo of sea, beach, vacation, sand

August! You can't be serious!  Now that we are rolling into the second week of August a few of us are in high alert trying to squeeze what is left of summer into our schedules. We have "I haven't been to the beach yet" "Why didn't I rent a cottage this year?" "I'm missing everything"  Very high drama.

Summer is flying by even with all our good intentions to squeeze in festivals, beach days, family and friends in the two months we consider "truly summer". One of us got away but that was planned months ago.  We just get caught up in other stuff or crash on the weekend after an exhausted work week. Even the blog has suffered. The decision is to plan and set dates for events. SET DATES. That means Friday we are having a BBQ. Someone else is going to the beach on the weekend and another is looking into camping.

We have to take action if we want things to happen. Sitting and moaning are not going to get us to the beach, camping or those summer reads. Set a date and DO IT.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Pet Peeves

Well, there is nothing "pet" about them.  Over something a little stronger than coffee we ended up discussing pet peeves.  It started over discussing bike lanes or lack of.  A major pet peeve we all agreed on were bikes jumping the curb when the road was no longer convenient and driving on the sidewalk.  Total unacceptable. Yes there are often no bike lanes and cars and bikes have to co-exist as vehicles on the road.  Bicyclists - you wanted to be consider a vehicle - well stay off the side unless you get off your bike and walk it.

This of course lead to other peeves.  At meetings or gatherings when a question is asked and answered only to have someone else ask the same question 5 minutes later.  Is it so that they can get their name in the minutes?  Asked and answered should be the response to the second time.

A scent free environment means.......scent free.  If you love your scented products fine but be aware hospitals and other community buildings as usually scent free. Be part of the community not the problem.

Get your arse up when a senior, physically challenged or pregnant woman gets on public transit and move. Having your head down, earphones in and texting away "didn't see them" is not an excuse. Another point is if you are not a senior, physically challenged or pregnant DO NOT sit in those seats. Lazy is our polite word for you.

Staying on your surroundings as a peeve.  At the bottom of the escalator is not the place to try and figure out where to go next.  The individuals trying to back up, jump or not plow into you as the escalator carries them to the end would appreciate you knowing the world doesn't revolve around you.

We decided we had to end this discussion here as a few of us were starting to see red.  We would love to know your pet peeves.