Monday, 27 March 2017

Are you upright? Posture a good thing.

We all agree that we struggle with posture. Research is saying with Smartphones and other devices people's posture is getting worse as our necks are down and shoulders hunched accessing our devices. Even just sitting a few of us always cross our legs. We complain about being stiff but don't do anything about it but the occasional head to the side.

If you have every taken yoga when the instructor says lower your shoulders you are like oh I didn't realize they were up.  And they are up all the time! Bring them up to your ears right now, drop them and push them back. Do it as you read this and see where they land. Not where they started.

We are challenging ourselves to be more aware of our posture.  Maybe when you walk through a door you lower your shoulders and slightly push them back. Also suck in your stomach. Find a short routine in the morning to do some stretches. There are two links for you to check out. If we get into a routine now we will be flexible as we age and who doesn't want that!

5 stretches you should do every am

Morning stretches from Pop Sugar Fitness

Monday, 20 March 2017

Your horoscope - or not......

We managed to pull together a coffee date (read liquid date) over the weekend. There was some catch up. Nothing earth shattering as no one is planning any big events in the next few months. Not even a vacation.

We got to talking about horoscopes. The day before had been "right on" for one of us. That brought the discussion around to did you read it before the day started or after? If before did you maybe subconsciously make stuff happen or see things in a different light due to what you read? We all know hindsight is a wonderful thing and at times NOT helpful if you telling someone what they should have done in a situation you were not involved in at the time and feeling superior. Hmmmm. bit of a personal rant there. Sorry.

So we decided to write out our own horoscopes for the next week. The first one is for birthdays with an even number. The second horoscope is for birthdays that fall on odd numbered days. So here it goes. Feel free to interchange if you want!!

Even number birthdays - your week will be full off potentially exciting events. Just keep an open mind and don't say no automatically. Treat yourself to that magazine you have been eyeing as it will give you a burst of inspiration. This is the week for you to dress up your dining room table with a new or old runner. Be creative and don't go for the obvious. Burlap can be your friend.

Odd number birthdays - your week is about reflection. If you don't know anything about mindfulness. Google it. This is the week for you to slow down and just sit with yourself. Something special could happen. Treat yourself to a latte at that funky coffee shop you have been walking by. Realize you don't have to do it all and be all to all people.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Favorites Pins from Pinterest

People are spending hours on Pinterest.  We think it might be the easiest way to suck-up an evening.  I'll just pop in for a minute and look for XYZ.  Three hours later we haven't found XYZ but we have added at least ten pins to our various boards.  Time just seems to get away from us. You know you have been there and done that.  So we thought we'd add to your evening of pinning by sharing some of our favorite pins.  Here it goes:

Oh we should add that these pins were not unanimous. The decision was we could all add our own favourites to the mix. In no particularly order.

  1.  Sparkle in her suitcase - travel gifts reason - just because. Their pretty. 
  2. A Wandafulthing jazzing up candles actually a few of us thought this was a cute idea and cheap.
  3. Mason jar crafts love one of us is obsessed with mason jar crafts. Enough said.
  4. Atta girl say how to fold napkins pinwheels okay after this was included a few of us were "Oh, maybe I could do that".
  5. Crafting with Joanie Christmas card with scraps from the person with the most free time on their hands.
  6. Fine craft guild eco friendly bath mat diy again too much time on hands. 
  7. The zoe report - how to organize makeup vanity ideas few of us were okay with this.
  8. The jet setter diaries - how to afford travel every month how you can okay good with this too.
Let us know your favourite pins.  Remember to hydrate while you are pinning.

Friday, 24 February 2017

52 weeks in 52 words writing challenge !

Check out Sacha Black writespiration 52 weeks in 52 words.  Here is my attempt for this week. 

It’s been a long time since Norma was this mad.  Her smile is tight but she is determined to keep it on until she makes it out the door. She only has herself to blame – she should have known Ashley was setting her up.  Norma is choked she is feeling this way. 

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The story of you can't be complacent

Deal, no deal sign
Conversation over coffee drifted into internet service or providers to be more exact. Here is the story of what you should not do (well not the first sentence).

Once upon a time you purchase an internet/cable/phone bundle for six months to a year which is a good deal.  After the time frame you pay the "regular" price. You see deals enticing new customers after your deal is completed and you call to see if you can get a new deal or even a slightly better price. Being the loyal customer you are. No, you have a great deal. Nothing for you. Oh.

So you go along with life and make the occasional call or drop into the store when in the mall, you know just to check to see if you can get your price down. Nope. You got a good deal. Then it happens, you receive a good deal in the mail from a competitor.  You head over and sign-up. You don't bother checking your current provider as for the past year deals have come and go and you just couldn't access them.  You are happy and saving money. Then they call. Yes, your old service provider "why are you leaving us?" WHAT! Now there is a deal - too late as new guy is here.

We realize you have all heard and lived this story. The big guys want us to be complacent - they count on it no profit on it! So have a good look on what you currently have. Can you get a better deal? What items i.e. cable? home phone? could you get rid of?  Don't be complacent - they don't care and won't do anything for you.  Only you can take care of you.  Our rant!

Thursday, 2 February 2017

#Loveuary Challenge


We are participating in  But I Smile Anyway Loveuary Challenge.  Pop over to her site and get the low down on love for the month of February or Loveuary!!  

Is love too strong a word to use for an inanimate object?  Before that decision was made the definition of love was discussed at nausea. Summary is love should invoke a rush of warmth for starters and are you willing to fight for this love? That discussion brought out yes I’d fight for the last piece of chocolate or good coffee, but in the end it was decided no. We might say we love coffee/chocolate and yes we might get a warm feeling when we are enjoying it, but fight for it?  Hmmm…….not in the way we would fight for a loved one or even a sense of justice.  

Are we too casual about tossing the word love around?  We quickly check a Thesaurus and came away with adore, fancy, like and appreciate for other words for love. Final decision was we appreciate good chocolate and coffee and might go as far as adore it when it is melting in our mouth, but we’ll save the love word for something more substantial.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Pinterest or burst. Are you actively using your Pinterest Account?

We are well into winter now. No going for leisurely walks after supper or sitting outside while you BBQ (we realise die-hard BBQ all year long). 

We started discussing what everyone was up to over coffee. Pinterest came up. How many boards we have and what we pin was put on the table. There are a wide variety of boards from travel, beauty tips, fashion, DIY, crafts and more. So, with all this pinning is anyone actually doing anything with the ideas? Or are we just accumulating ideas on our boards and for what? One person said their travel board was for retirement. Really? This person, who will remain nameless, does get vacation time so…… Someone had tried a few beauty tips but admits she hasn’t popped into that board for a while. A few of us have craft and DIY boards, but have been lazy. There are so many great ideas just sitting there waiting to be tackled. 

The decision. Winter is the perfect time of year for purging and organising. We agree to go through our Pinterest boards and pins and clean up any that are no longer relevant. Second part is to actually do some of the projects we have pinned and report back. Do you have Pinterest boards you haven’t opened for a while, but continue to just randomly pin ideas to? Think about sitting down one evening and start to go through them. Seriously look at your pins and if you know you will never tackle that. Delete it. For others write down what you need for supplies and go for it. We would love to hear what your plan of attack is for Pinterest.  

PS we all love Pinterest just in case it didn't come across in the above!  xo