Monday, 7 June 2021

Artisan Boxes

 It has been an incredible hard year plus for everyone.  Kids have been in and out of school. People are working from home that never signed on for that. Grandparents are not seeing grandchildren and travel is well non-existent.  

Small businesses are struggling. Yes things are opening up and hopefully will stay open for the summer season and local tourists can take up the slack from no out of province visitors. This will be another hard summer for small business that rely on visitors coming to cities and local areas.  

We wanted to showcase one way people can help small business and local artisans by purchasing gift boxes. These boxes are put together to showcase artisan products. These products range from jewelry, soup, pottery, essential oils, candles and more.  WOW something for everyone. So if you want to support artisans here are a few boxes we think would do the trick.

Blush Box some high-end products that are not sample sizes. The spring box had a beautiful gold necklace, earrings, candle and more. Definitely check it out.

Hodgepodge artisan box is cheaper than the Blush Box so maybe more affordable for individuals. Again local Nova Scotia products in this one.

Happy Artisan Gift Box this box is made from Alberta artisans producing small batches of products at home. 

Joy Box a larger producing box. Can also build your own box. Has seasonal and special occasion boxes as well.

We know this is a small sample of artisan gift boxes out here. They are all Canadian in different areas of the country. If you know and/or have an artisan gift box you can recommend please drop it in the comments so we can check it out. It feels good to support artisans and this gives you a taste of more than one!

Friday, 28 May 2021

Planters we are crushing over

 Not everyone has a large backyard. Plus even if you do have a good size yard, there is something welcoming having a planter by the front door or on the desk.  Here are a few we are crushing over.

Found the above at Target. Like the glaze and if blue is your color this will pop.

Love these - it is the shape I'm drawn too. 

Like the width at the top. Can see a variety of plants here.  Pretty on the corner of your desk.

If you are lucky enough have have a corner we think these rock. Backyard or a deck. 

We wanted to include something fun.  There are also rubber boots that are sweet with plants in them.

Lots of possibilities and now is the time to start gardening. Enjoy.

Thursday, 13 May 2021

The reality of working from home

Over a year ago the thought of working from home was a dream.  Maybe an unrealistic dream but a dream. No rush hour traffic.  Sleeping in an extra half hour. That second cup of coffee and oh I'll just put a load of wash on. 

The dream has become a reality for a lot of people. Some of us are fairing better than others. We also think it is job related. For people used to being in an office alone or whose job was more desk orientated to begin with maybe they are fairing better.  More social people are having a hard time.  It appears to be working, working from home that is, as businesses are not falling apart.  Even hospitals have departments i.e. human resources, payroll working from home.

So in the long run how do you think this will effect us?  Some of us will thrive - the ones with good time management and at least somewhat introverted.  Others are struggling. The ones whose work was so much part of their social sphere. That they defined themselves by work and peers.  Also people who struggle with time management - deadline anyone? 

Making your day as close to what you did at work also helps. For those with kids it has been great but again managing time and expectations. What do you do with a three year old all day? Where is your focus?  Emails are coming in that need answers regardless of potty time. If daycares open that helps as at least that routine is the same. 

We have been at this over a year.  Some colleagues I have seen a handful of times in the past year.  You have your core group still at the office, hospital or wherever so check in is possible. Turn my computer back on anyone? 

We feel this is still being worked out long-term.  Who might stay working from home? Who might work X many days from home? Can we scale down office space? What about mental health and productivity?  It will be interesting to see the fall out when things get back to normal.  And also what the new normal will be. Maybe it is work from home.

Let us know your thoughts.  

Monday, 3 May 2021

Small space gardening we are digging

 Spring is here and the weather (where we are) is slowly warming up.  Still a bit of a bite in the air some days but it is coming. We thought it would be fun and easy on the head to show you some small space gardens we are digging and why.  Here goes.....

We liked this as it shows an average size balcony. Privacy screen and sitting area with shots of color.

We had to include this as looks so European. Definitely making the most of limited space. Love the window/door and can dream about what the inside looks like.

Love the brick and all the greenery. The vines climbing the wall and all the pots. I want to walk out my door and have this!!

Again someone making the most out of limited space. Seating area for coffee or.... and lots of plants actually giving a bit of privacy.

This looked interesting as can see an apartment balcony but larger. Looks like a water feature and lovely doors leading out to area. 

Just a taste of what creative people are doing. Eye candy for the day.


Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Instagram accounts we're digging

 Instagram is one of our favorite social media platforms.  From d├ęcor, travel, food to family reunions. We want to see it all.  We thought we'd share our favorite accounts with you.  Please let us know your favorites so we can check them out!!

Centsational Style

jade by the ocean

Seashell ceramics

Cities of the world

tiny house perfect

Italy photos

tv neatly

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Spring Bucket List

 It is warming up! Well most days. Restrictions are still in places in many places.  We are making the most of what we can do. Coffee shops and restaurants are open in our area so we have been taking advantage of that.  It was such a treat to go to a restaurant. I felt like an adult and realized how much I missed simple things like eating out and heading to a coffee shop.

For something fun - plus to give us a push we decided to do a spring bucket list.  Check out you can always start now spring bucket list.  We took a few of her items!!

  1. Yes to sitting on outside patios.  Expect doable next month as they are getting set up now.
  2. Book some camping sites.  This has to happen sooner than later to get a decent site.
  3. Head to Farmer's Market
  4. Start gardening.
  5. Do some hikes before the heat and humidity hits
  6. Book cottage as no travel outside our own province this summer
  7. Find a signature summer drink
  8. Look for a new spring/summer pursue
  9. Purge winter clothes not used or worn out
  10. Get summer book recommendations
  11. Book recreation programs for kids
  12. Continue to add to patio decor - more chairs and cushions
  13. Continue to support local.  Has anyone been checking out those artisan boxes being offered? Recommendations please.
  14. Manicure and pedicure
  15. BBQ!  Yes sooner than later please
  16. Bike rides with kids
  17. Go on nature walk
  18. Visit local parks
  19. Spring craft with the kids. Looking at a bird feeder
  20. Make a spring/summer playlist
If you have any recommendations please share!! 

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

We have to hold fast

 It has been over a year now since we closed down.  Opened, closed and opened again.  COVID-19 is still out there. Over the weekend we were discussing COVID-19 fatigue. Yes it is a thing. We think the majority of the world has it.

People are getting vaccinated - great - but we can't get complacent. The vaccine is one line of defense. Some positive numbers for COVID in places are as high as they were at the beginning. People we have to hold fast!  Mask, wash our hands, physical distance and stay home. Festivals and events should no be happening yet! With numbers on the rise and governments slow to shut down we have to hold fast ourselves. We can't wait for our governments to tell us what to do. At this point we know what to do. It has been over a year.

If governments are going to put the economy before health we have to take a stand. We can support local through on-line and take-out. Yes we know it has been a long year and people are tired. So tired. Life seems on hold at times. We get it. We feel the same.

The thing is if we don't hold fast this might get out of control (it has again in some places). Then all the sacrifices we have made might be for nothing. This isn't going away anytime soon. Vaccines or no vaccines. We have to take a deep breath and hold fast. 

Get back to safer measures. Cut back on socializing (hard I know). Maybe if we pull it together we might have a summer of small get togethers. Think community. Just because X and Y are not behaving safely doesn't me we follow suit. We are bigger than that.  

So hold fast.  Don't toss it in now.  Things are in place we just have to keep doing the right thing. We have this.