Thursday, 22 June 2017

Pet Peeves

Well, there is nothing "pet" about them.  Over something a little stronger than coffee we ended up discussing pet peeves.  It started over discussing bike lanes or lack of.  A major pet peeve we all agreed on were bikes jumping the curb when the road was no longer convenient and driving on the sidewalk.  Total unacceptable. Yes there are often no bike lanes and cars and bikes have to co-exist as vehicles on the road.  Bicyclists - you wanted to be consider a vehicle - well stay off the side unless you get off your bike and walk it.

This of course lead to other peeves.  At meetings or gatherings when a question is asked and answered only to have someone else ask the same question 5 minutes later.  Is it so that they can get their name in the minutes?  Asked and answered should be the response to the second time.

A scent free environment means.......scent free.  If you love your scented products fine but be aware hospitals and other community buildings as usually scent free. Be part of the community not the problem.

Get your arse up when a senior, physically challenged or pregnant woman gets on public transit and move. Having your head down, earphones in and texting away "didn't see them" is not an excuse. Another point is if you are not a senior, physically challenged or pregnant DO NOT sit in those seats. Lazy is our polite word for you.

Staying on your surroundings as a peeve.  At the bottom of the escalator is not the place to try and figure out where to go next.  The individuals trying to back up, jump or not plow into you as the escalator carries them to the end would appreciate you knowing the world doesn't revolve around you.

We decided we had to end this discussion here as a few of us were starting to see red.  We would love to know your pet peeves.

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