Sunday, 4 June 2017

Are long weekends enough?

Beach summer umbrella

For the majority of us the first of June means the start of summer.  Some of us had to have our vacation requests in months ago, others are more flexible.  Over coffee we were discussing summer vacations and what constitutes a break.  Here is the take.

Two weeks away from work.  It takes me almost the first week to unwind and start enjoying myself.  Plus if you are travelling any distance anything less than two weeks is a waste of time and money.  Okay we agree if you are travelling, say to another continuent, two weeks at least for vacation seems reasonable.

If I am not going away I usually only take a week as don't want to waste it. I like to save a week in case I go down south in the winter.  I find a week is a good break and if I'm home I feel rested when I come back.

Long weekends in the summer.  Take a Friday when you have a holiday Monday.  That way you are only working four days weeks for the summer.   Hmm....we all like a long weekend but are we really getting a long enough break to re-energize?  No, need more than four days off majority thought.  Take a week and rent a cottage.  Do some of us look like "cottage" people.  That is another post what "cottage" people look like.  Since I'm typing I say tanned and healthy.

Let us know what you think constituents a summer break - enough time to recharge.  May the hot lazy days of summer begin!


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