Tuesday, 11 April 2017

What unites us in Spring ! !

We all agreed (surprise) that certain seasons are pretty well locked in.  Summer is warm, beach weather and gardening.  We are using are BBQ s in full-force, sitting on outside patios and taking the world in. Life is good. Autumn rolls around and some of us are ready for it if the humidity was bad in the summer. Plus in certain areas it is beautiful with the leaves changing colours. We are enjoying our warm days, cooler nights for sleeping.  Winter is cold and snowy.  Christmas holidays happen so everyone is full on in high speed preparing for that.  January through March can be long and often harsh with snow and freezing rain. That is winter. Then it happens for some of us and not for others but the calendar says SPRING.  

Some places note the tulips peeping through the earth.  The earth is softening and temperature inching into the double digits. Others are still in their winter coats and thinking “when is the snow finally going to be gone?” Spring is the one season we agreed that is not locked in.  It can be a few months for some and maybe three days for others. Seriously, if you live there you know what I mean.  So mulling this while we enjoy our coffee (during any season) we think what unites us all in spring.  Rubber boots. That is it.  No matter where we are or how short spring is rubber boots unite us. 

So to rubber boots in all shapes, colours, patterns and sizes.  They are our spring fashion statement.  Get out there and rock those rubber boots this spring no matter where you are!

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