Friday, 21 April 2017

Facebook etiquette? Is it needed?

A few of us have many “friends” on Facebook and some of those friends post a lot; to the point that if you are not checking your Facebook at least once an hour you are missing posts.  You don’t want to unfriend these people but what is the etiquette on posting?  Do you really have to post you are at the cinema or the mall?  Do I need to see a picture of your frolicking on the beach on numerous occasions?  How many fabulous meals can you have in one day?

This conversation came about because someone posted an event on Facebook and a few of us missed it.  Okay, one of us doesn’t check their Facebook daily even but still.  This was an interesting event that ended up way down the page because of well, posts about celebrities’ look-a-likes, selfies, pictures of meals and what you scored on a quiz about Star Wars.  So what do you think about establishing Facebook etiquette?  Should we have a maximum amount of posts per day per person? Should we be setting up separate pages for Facebook addict posters? Or just a page for events only?  

We decided if the event or information was that important or time sensitive to email it not just post on Facebook.  But seriously think before you press that publish button. Not everyone is interested in you flooding their feed. 

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