Monday, 20 March 2017

Your horoscope - or not......

We managed to pull together a coffee date (read liquid date) over the weekend. There was some catch up. Nothing earth shattering as no one is planning any big events in the next few months. Not even a vacation.

We got to talking about horoscopes. The day before had been "right on" for one of us. That brought the discussion around to did you read it before the day started or after? If before did you maybe subconsciously make stuff happen or see things in a different light due to what you read? We all know hindsight is a wonderful thing and at times NOT helpful if you telling someone what they should have done in a situation you were not involved in at the time and feeling superior. Hmmmm. bit of a personal rant there. Sorry.

So we decided to write out our own horoscopes for the next week. The first one is for birthdays with an even number. The second horoscope is for birthdays that fall on odd numbered days. So here it goes. Feel free to interchange if you want!!

Even number birthdays - your week will be full off potentially exciting events. Just keep an open mind and don't say no automatically. Treat yourself to that magazine you have been eyeing as it will give you a burst of inspiration. This is the week for you to dress up your dining room table with a new or old runner. Be creative and don't go for the obvious. Burlap can be your friend.

Odd number birthdays - your week is about reflection. If you don't know anything about mindfulness. Google it. This is the week for you to slow down and just sit with yourself. Something special could happen. Treat yourself to a latte at that funky coffee shop you have been walking by. Realize you don't have to do it all and be all to all people.

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