Monday, 6 March 2017

Favorites Pins from Pinterest

People are spending hours on Pinterest.  We think it might be the easiest way to suck-up an evening.  I'll just pop in for a minute and look for XYZ.  Three hours later we haven't found XYZ but we have added at least ten pins to our various boards.  Time just seems to get away from us. You know you have been there and done that.  So we thought we'd add to your evening of pinning by sharing some of our favorite pins.  Here it goes:

Oh we should add that these pins were not unanimous. The decision was we could all add our own favourites to the mix. In no particularly order.

  1.  Sparkle in her suitcase - travel gifts reason - just because. Their pretty. 
  2. A Wandafulthing jazzing up candles actually a few of us thought this was a cute idea and cheap.
  3. Mason jar crafts love one of us is obsessed with mason jar crafts. Enough said.
  4. Atta girl say how to fold napkins pinwheels okay after this was included a few of us were "Oh, maybe I could do that".
  5. Crafting with Joanie Christmas card with scraps from the person with the most free time on their hands.
  6. Fine craft guild eco friendly bath mat diy again too much time on hands. 
  7. The zoe report - how to organize makeup vanity ideas few of us were okay with this.
  8. The jet setter diaries - how to afford travel every month how you can okay good with this too.
Let us know your favourite pins.  Remember to hydrate while you are pinning.

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