Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Having your coffee table your own way

We thought we’d tackle the coffee table.  Or aka the dining table, craft table, sort your crap on table or just put your feet up table.  Any of the above – you know what table we mean. There is a variety of opinions at the current table (which is not a coffee table but coffee shop).  

One of us is a bit of a décor diva (no names) so her coffee table, the majority of time, is styled. What we mean by this is it has the remote on it, maybe a current read and a candle, but you can see the majority of the coffee table and you don’t have to move anything to place a cup of coffee or beverage of your choice on the aforementioned table. A few of us said that is not realistic. It doesn’t look “lived in”. Big sigh. Not that we don’t appreciate having a place for our glasses when we visit, but please don’t expect it in return. The crafter at the table takes care of her mess by having a basket which she can quickly toss her papers, scissors and glue in when someone arrives.  The rest of us, well – the supper dishes have been taken to the kitchen before quests have arrived – a start. 

Yes, to having a beautiful decorated coffee table but really is that practical all the time? No. Okay, if we were having a photo-shoot we could pull something together (maybe).  People have lives and the coffee table is a working piece of furniture in a home.  Don’t beat yourself up if your coffee table doesn’t look like the stylish ones on Pinterest/magazines – those are styled that way and maybe by professionals.  Look close at the stack of books, tray of beautiful knick-knacks and you will often see NO room for a coffee cup. Really. We are all for doing what we can – yes to having a tray and/or a basket to place items. We want to enjoy our homes and coffee table. Make it yours with all your stuff that makes your life easier and happier.  

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