Wednesday, 28 December 2016

New Years Resolutions - we think not

We have all been there.  The start of a new year - to be healthier, travel more, get a better job, be a better partner, parent, friend or complete that project under the bed.  You know which one I mean - the quilt, applique or the great gothic novel.

Well, the Coffee Cluster had a group consensus of no resolutions this year (this alone was big!).  None, nada, not for me or you or you. We are all tied of failure and beating ourselves up over unreal expectations.  This year we are just putting it out there to try and do better in all aspects of our lives.  To be kinder, work harder and most important be more gentle and forgiving with ourselves.  To realize we are not perfect and that is okay as long as we are trying and being our best selves and knowing we will not be at our best all the time and no beating ourselves up over that.

So that is how we are starting the year - how about you?

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