Monday, 28 November 2016

Party in or out ?

The coffee cluster are discussing party in or out?  It is coming up to that time of year where organisations are deciding whether to have their holiday party at a restaurant or if some brave sole is willing to host at their home.  Some of us in the cluster are not brave soles.

If the decision is to host at the brave sole's, or BS for convenience sake for rest of discussion, home.  Then factors like partners, kids and pets have to be taken into account.  If anyone in your work group is fearful of animals, kids or partners is it fair to imprison you family member for hours at a time?  Consensus was in this case imprisonment was not fair, so house party out.  

The BS will either have potluck or collect money and purchase food.  Hmmm.... BS why do you want to go out and do unnecessary shopping at this time of year?  Noted by one individual - at any time of year.  One consideration is cheaper food and drinks if at BS's home.  Decision was this should be weighted strongly.

Factor in the BS's home should be large enough for flow of X many people.  Another plus is BS will do major cleaning before party which was on holiday list already.

Restaurant consideration.  The meal and drinks will be more expensive.  Positive no on is put on the spot to host. Also if you have a vibrant downtown, it might be nice to try out a new restaurant or revisit an old friend.  Remember the potluck?  Well, that is so not happening if the decision is restaurant so you are off the hook baking/cooking or seeking in and picking up a party tray of something.

Friends we are finished our coffee and have to move on.  We have list of things to do also. Sorry no consensus on party in or out.  Majority rules in majority of cases.  Regardless, have a great time wherever you show up and remember it doesn't have to be either or!!  It is not for us!!


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