Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Are pink Christmas trees really Christmas?

The Coffee Cluster is dishing about can a pink tree really be considered a Christmas tree.  Note decision made to call it a Christmas tree – not a holiday tree – so stop reading if offended already.  It took a while to get the white tree off the table but majority rule was “that tree could be snow covered”.  Pink, not so much.  So phones were out and pictures were shown.  Decorating décor was taken into consideration.  Bit of a discussion over if you wanted a pink tree to put it in your daughter’s or master bedroom.  No, this Coffee Cluster was about having your pink tree for all to see. 

All you have to do is put pink tree in any search engine and WOW.  There are a lot of different shades of pink trees out there.  No one came right out and said the pink trees in the pictures were ugly, just that they didn’t look like Christmas.  That brought out the question “what exactly does Christmas look like and who gets to define it?”  That demanded more coffee.  The talk over defining Christmas was it can be about traditions and your family keeping them, making or changing them.  Nothing should be stagnating if it no longer works.  Take a step back and re-evaluate if that five hour drive is worth it.  Christmas should also be about feelings and giving.  It can be a time of getting together to celebrate the season.  Of giving of your time to worthy causes during a hard time of year for some individuals.  Taking time to be grateful for what you have not what you want.

So the final decision of the Coffee Cluster was if we (at this table) get to define Christmas as giving and feeling grateful than yes we can have a pink Christmas tree.  If a pink tree makes us smile and gives us a warm grateful feeling than that makes it a Christmas tree.


  1. Such a sweet post. I think everyone is experimenting with their own styles and more traditonal things are being discarded to make way for new traditions. I personally am not a fan of pink, but hey whatever gets you in the festive mood. :)

  2. Totaly agreement. Might not be for me but I'll fight for it for someone else!